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HL4004/HL4005 Bathroom shelf

HL4004/HL4005 Bathroom shelf

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Bathroom Shelves

1. High quality
2. Strong bearing capacity
3. Convenient installation
4. Robust and durable

Color: Black/Silver
Material: Space aluminum

Heightened storage guardrail
Hole-free patch
Drainage mesh

Installation steps

  1. wipe the wall clean
  2. tear off the protective film
  3. wall-mounted extrusion chip surface
  4. Take off the screw cap and take off the shelf
  5. Firmly squeeze the patch surface for 30 seconds
  6. Applicable after 24 hours

Applicable wall
  • Concave-convex marble/concave-convex metal/solid wood wall, etc.

Not suitable for walls
  • Paint wall/cement wall/gypsum wall/wall paper

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