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HB2001 Pinky Hair Treatment

HB2001 Pinky Hair Treatment

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Product Name: Deep Moisturizing Evaporation Free Film
Content: 500g

Product effect: Repair dry and rough hair, relieve split ends, frizz and knots, make hair beautiful and shiny, and keep it smooth and silky

1) After rinsing the hair, wipe off the excess water on your hair, and apply an appropriate amount of product on the hair

2) Gently massage the hair to fully absorb it, and it will work better with plastic wrap or a shower cap.

3) Wait for a few minutes and then rinse with clean water.


"After using it for a few days, my dry hair 💇 is really soft! 😍 Super easy to use!"

"No more sticky combing hair! It smells delicious 🤩 Hair is silky and smooth, no more frizz!"

"Using the hair smoother is like a beauty! It's a big bottle and very durable 👍"

Multi-effect hair repair 💗 Light and smooth
"Deep moisturizing non-evaporative mask"

✓Smooth and easy to comb
✓Hot dye repair
✓Soft and beautiful hair
✓ Radiance
✓Naturally smooth

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