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GP4001/GP4002 Pet eye and ear wipes

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Eye Wipes Features:
1. Make pets beautiful: Can help remove tear stains and improve appearance.
2. Easy to use: Use a separate pad for each area to wipe gently, hygienic to avoid cross-contamination.
3. Daily use: Keeping the outside of the eye clean helps reduce the risk of foreign matter causing eye irritation and itching.
5. Safety and health: All materials of the wipes are natural, non-toxic, mild and harmless.

Ear scarf features:
Gentle Cleaning: Easy to use and your dog will cooperate with you. You can get the job done in a fraction of the time effortlessly. The cleaning process is safe and gentle, and the dog will not feel irritation and fear.
Strengthens the relationship: Wipes can remove ear odor and bring the bond between you and your dog closer.
Improves quality of life: Cleaning your dog's ears can help them relieve itching and enjoy life.
EAR CLEANSING: Great for routine ear cleaning, helps remove plaque and bacteria from the ears, and cleans and dissolves earwax.
Keep it hygienic: Cleaning dog ears can keep dogs away from bad smells and become attractive.
Pet wipes only, other accessories demos in pictures are not included!

Type: Pet Ear Cleaning Wipes / Eye Cleaning Wipes
Main ingredients: water, aloe vera, citric acid, phenoxyethanol, etc.

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