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BT1001 Quick Fill Balloon

BT1001 Quick Fill Balloon

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3 bundles/pack (111 balloons)

- Instant Water Balloon Filler -- Say goodbye to endless hours wasted filling water balloons. No more standing by the sink for hours to fill up all the water balloons! Meet endless water fun!
- Connect and fill - it's that easy! This water balloon filler puts endless water fun at your fingertips. Literally!
- SELF-SEALING & QUICK-FILL - With innovative O-ring technology and quick-fill feature, you can fill more and play more without having to manually tie down each individual water balloon!
- EDUCATIONAL GOAL - Gives your child the opportunity to develop social skills with friends and playmates in a really fun way!

Say goodbye to the stress and mess of filling a single water balloon. Simply connect, fill and make hundreds of water balloons and start the balloon fight!

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