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AM1001 Smart Car Aroma Diffuser

Original price RM38.00 MYR - Original price RM89.00 MYR
Original price
RM42.00 MYR
RM38.00 MYR - RM89.00 MYR
Current price RM42.00 MYR

Mini smart fragrance


Suggestion: Please use specific essential oils, if you use other types of essential oils, it may spray unevenly or not come out

AI nano-atomization, the whole car is delicate and fragrant
Both modes can diffuse fragrance
Automatic induction, start and stop with the car

Three kinds of fragrance have your favorite

classic cologne
Usually need to relieve stress, or long-term driving to relieve fatigue

floral scent
Overtime workers, people who stay up late on business trips, relieve fatigue driving

(Light type)
Ocean fragrance
Intellectual women, business men, those who need to remove the smell of cigarettes

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