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HA1002 Spray fan

HA1002 Spray fan

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1.Five-hole large spray [three sections]
2.600ml large-capacity water storage tank [can hold ice water + ice cubes]
3.6-inch fan [large air volume]
4.Colorful night light
5.Shutdown timer

Name: Five hole spray fan
Dimensions: 210*90*260mm
Voltage: 5V≒2A
Charging interface: USB-Type-c
Water tank capacity: 600ml [large capacity]
Atomization volume: 45ml/h - 225ml/h
Spray time: 2.5-12 hours
Number of spray segments: 1 segment: one-hole spray, 2 segments: three-hole spray, 3 segments: five-hole spray
Commodity accessories: host*1 / charging cable*1 / perfume cotton sheet*2 / instruction manual

[Intimate reminder] ---------------------

1. Please add tap water or mineral water, do not add pure water, filtered water, distilled water!

2. When the fan blows down, turn on the spray. It is recommended to put a towel at the bottom of the product to prevent water from entering the desktop area.

3. When not using the spray, please drain the water in the water tank to prevent water from seeping out from the spray port.

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