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ES8068 Electric Kettle

ES8068 Electric Kettle

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ES8068 Electric Kettle

✅Color: White
✅Material: 304 stainless steel + food grade silicone
✅Rated capacity: 500ml (Water 400ml & Battery 100ml)
✅Rated voltage: 220V
✅Rated power: 250W
✅Size: 23*8cm
✅Temperature select: 45° 60° 80° 100°
✅Heating Speed: <5 minutes
✅Product function: boil water / brew keep warm / milk / stew / boil

Portable Kettle Small Mini Temperature Adjustment Office Travel Insulation All-in-one Electric Heating Water Cup

Portable and portable to realize the freedom of hot water

One cup is multi-purpose, just take one with you when you go out

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